Personal and Individual Care

Dr. Beata Lutomska-Kaufmann

My work takes account of people and their personal environment. This is the stipulation for individual therapeutic solutions. Regular further training and collaboration with selected network specialists enable me to keep abreast of the latest medical advances and knowledge at all times, and guarantee I control and manage the quality of every one of the services I provide. My work – which I view as a vocation – is expressed by a combination of my specialist skills, personal commitment and empathy with my patients.

My Goal

The aim is to maintain and improve the health of patients, and to increase the quality of life by doing so.

As a doctor, I want to offer active support to people who place their trust in me, and to integrate useful and necessary changes into their lives.

About Me

Dr. Beata Lutomska-Kaufmann
  • Trained and qualified as a General Practitioner in Poznań, Poland
  • Professional qualification validated in Vienna
  • Additional training since in orthomolecular medicine, and psychosomatic energetic therapy with bioidentical hormones.
  • Certificate to practice as an emergency doctor
  • Diploma of further training

I am passionate about being a doctor, and am the mother of two children. When I am working, the focus of my efforts is on real people at all times.