Sanote | Arbeitsmedizin

Dr. Beata Lutomska-Kaufmann


My surgery combines conventional medical and scientific skills, as well as holistic considerations. My very highest priority is to nurture personal contact with the patient, in a spirit of partnership. The result of this is that my patients receive highly individual care.
My goal is to gain a holistic understanding – on a range of different levels at once, in other words – of the people I treat.
I offer a range of advice, examinations, preventive care and treatment relating to the issue of health and designed to sustain and improve your wellbeing.
My basic principles are reliability and friendliness. The concerns of my patients are of absolutely central importance to me.
My goal is to stay abreast of the latest advances and findings in the field of general practice at all times.
It goes without saying for me that patient data and internal surgery procedures are subject, without exception, to an absolute duty of confidentiality.



The preventive examination is the single most important point of prevention.
Preventive examination serves to prevent risk factors that could be a risk to health, and detect the potential or actual presence of diseases at as early stage as possible. Preventive examination makes it possible for diseases to be discovered and treated in a timely manner.

The examination programme is as follows:

  • Early detection of risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus)
  • Early detection of frequent carcinogenic diseases (e.g. stomach cancer)
    Prevention of addictions
  • Early detection of periodontal diseases and of diseases associated with old age

The focus is on information and advice. The examination should show all participants the precise state of their health, and what they themselves can do for the good of their body. Intense analyses of lifestyle and living conditions should be performed to make it possible for an individual risk profile to be worked out.

As part of this extended PREVENTIVE CARE, it is possible for you – at your own request – to complement the basic examination with an ECG, pulmonary function testing, any additional laboratory tests that may be necessary, and advice on vaccination.

It is also possible, subject to certain conditions, for preventive care to be provided at companies.

Preventive examinations can be given once a year, free of charge, to anyone aged 18 or over and resident in Austria.


Bio-identical hormones (sometimes referred to as ‘body-identical’ or ‘natural-identical’ hormones) are hormones whose molecular structures are totally identical with those our body itself produces (or has produced). The reason for this is that they are metabolised in the body in the same way as the body’s own hormones.

A functioning hormonal balance is the prerequisite for life-long health.

A deficiency of hormones results in numerous health-related problems. These can include:

  • premenstrual syndrome or PMS;
  • cysts in the breast and the ovaries, and myomas in the womb;
  • mood swings/depressive states;
  • thyroid insufficiency;
  • edemas and high blood pressure;
  • reduced memory and ability to concentrate;
  • ability to sleep, and quality of that sleep, is improved
  • osteoporosis;
  • headaches;
  • menopausal and andropausal complaints such as hot flushes and weight-gain;
  • reduced performance, fatigue;
  • and many others.

These symptoms can be treated extremely effectively using bio-identical hormone therapy. The use of natural-identical hormones according to the Rimkus Method makes it possible to treat the consequences of a falling rate of hormone production in both women and men in a scientifically sound way that is free of side-effects.

If treatment with bio-identical hormones is an option, it is obligatory to establish the level of concentration of hormones in the body so the replacement can be adjusted appropriately and carried out.


Orthomolecular medicine is concerned with substances (molecules) normally present in the human organism, and the intake of these natural substances through nutrition. Orthomolecular medicine is based upon strictly scientific, logically explicable, medical and biochemical foundations.

This type of therapy, therefore, is nothing other than the use, or administration, of the right molecules in the correct amounts. Safeguarding our health, and treating the symptoms and diseases that affect it, is a matter of changing the concentration of substances that are normally present in the human body and are necessary for us to be healthy.

Orthomolecular medicine does not seek either to oppose or replace conventional medicine, therefore, but to be its ‘natural partner’, so to speak.

Since orthomolecular medicine is based upon wide-ranging scientific work and research, much of which has already been published in specialist medical journals, it is becoming established as an integral part of medicine. Our body requires vital substances on a regular basis if it is to be healthy and efficient.

Through targeted deployment of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids, the body can be sufficiently supplied with such nutrients. This can be done both curatively and preventatively.

The following are some indications of areas in which the technique can be used:

  • against chronic conditions;
  • against fatigue;
  • against depression/burn-out;
  • during periods of increased stress;
  • against degenerative diseases;
  • when physical susceptibility to infection is greater, in autumn and winter;

Individual health status is improved as a result, and targeted use of antioxidants has an anti-aging effect.